Thursday, March 5, 2009

Weekend with Great Neice Chloe

Hello Everyone~
It's been a few days since I have been out here to write anything. I had a wonderful time with my Great Niece Chloe last Saturday. She came for a sleepover at "Aunt B's". She just turned 4 this past December. We have a great time together. We did a craft which I will add a picture of her painting a peep and her finished peep. Then we made cookies for Tom and sent them off to Saugerties, NY.
I am also busy going through household and craft items for a sale. I am moving back to my "hometown" after 15 years of being away. I am so excited as are my friend's that I am returning home. So picking through things is not an easy task. What shall I keep and what shall I sell. I am selling most of the major items. Just don't feel like tugging them around so I will just purchase new stuff when I move.
So here are the pics of Chloe doing crafts at her sleepover at Aunt B's. She had so much fun painting, baking and glittering her peep. It even smells like marshmallows!
This Peeps pattern was found as a free download at
So until I get back out here again, I wish everyone a Blessed Day ~

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's Fat Tuesday!

I sure would like to be in LA at the Mardi Gras right now. It's still cold with a little bit of snow on the ground.

I have been working on a blog for my Musician Friends, Babe, Jim and Joe. What a great bunch of guys! I have known them for about 28 years now. Like Big Brothers to me. You can check out their blog at: What great artists and the harmonies these three produce are amazing.

So anyway back to my own page, I am adding my Snowman Nodder today as it's still winter and a bit chilly. He was fun to make. Made of batting and sitting on an old rusty bedspring. I sprinkled him with German Glass Glitter and how he sparkles in the light.
Not to much going on today. Still working on the round headed fairies. I should have one done by the end of the day once I get off these blog pages. I am also working on getting my website updated.
To all, have a Blessed Day!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Good Morning ~ brrr-It's chilly out today

Good Morning Everyone~'s chilly here in the Genesee Valley this morning. A small amount of snow fell but nothing much. I can still see most of the lawn . The wind is blowing. The last I looked at it was 24 degrees here with a 29 mph wind making it feel like 7 degrees out there. I was going to take a walk but think I'll wait a bit.
I am adding a link to my My Space page here as it has a section with some of my finished craft pics. You will see from how simple I started with the sewing then inthe beginning to how I am getting into more detail with my projects. Right now as I mentioned previously I am working on little round headed fairies. I can't wait to see one of these finished.
Here in this photo you see three Chocolate Easter Bunnies.( Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate). I made clay eyes for them so that they would look like those little candy eyes on the real chocolate rabbit's at the candy store. The pattern used for this project is by Denise Davis of Sassafras Hill Primitives. This is a very easy but cute pattern if someone is just starting out with sewing primitives or thinking about trying an Easter project.

So anyway, to All have a great Sunday!

Warm Primitive Blessings,


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just Starting this blog

I am just starting this blog so bare with me as I progress along.

I started sewing primitive items about 8 years ago with very simple projects.

As the years have passed I have moved to more difficult projects. I have always enjoyed learning new things. So taking this task to a different approach as in doing more detail was a great.
To the left is a picture of my "Isabella" Americana Cat Angel Doll as an example of my detailed workmanship.
I was very proud of the way "Isabella" came out when finished.
Be sure to check back for updates...

Welcome to Country Hill Primitives

I am just beginning to put this blog together so bare with me as I progress along. Above you will see my latest creation: Lady Bug Doll...I guess I'll call her "Lola" as she doesn't really have a name yet. "Lola the LadyBug". "Lola" has the scent of citrus/sage.

Most of my creations will have a Fall/Halloween or Winter/Christmas/Snowman theme. But once in a while you will see something a bit different as with " Lola "above.

Most everything listed will be for sale. Just contact me for information if interested.