Thursday, March 5, 2009

Weekend with Great Neice Chloe

Hello Everyone~
It's been a few days since I have been out here to write anything. I had a wonderful time with my Great Niece Chloe last Saturday. She came for a sleepover at "Aunt B's". She just turned 4 this past December. We have a great time together. We did a craft which I will add a picture of her painting a peep and her finished peep. Then we made cookies for Tom and sent them off to Saugerties, NY.
I am also busy going through household and craft items for a sale. I am moving back to my "hometown" after 15 years of being away. I am so excited as are my friend's that I am returning home. So picking through things is not an easy task. What shall I keep and what shall I sell. I am selling most of the major items. Just don't feel like tugging them around so I will just purchase new stuff when I move.
So here are the pics of Chloe doing crafts at her sleepover at Aunt B's. She had so much fun painting, baking and glittering her peep. It even smells like marshmallows!
This Peeps pattern was found as a free download at
So until I get back out here again, I wish everyone a Blessed Day ~


  1. What a wonderful Great-Auntie you are!
    It looks as though Chloe was having a great time...and her peep is way too adorable!

  2. Isn't it fun doing crafts with the children...They are always so pleased with what they make....

  3. Thank you so much for your comments on Chloe's peep. She had a great time painting and glittering this project.
    I wanted to add that I found this pattern as a free download at
    She will be doing another sleepover tonight (Fri) so I will have to find another project for her to create.
    I always enjoy having her here with me. Anytime Philip calls and asks if Chloe could sleep over I never hesitate to say yes. She's my girl!